Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Common Area?

The homeowners’ association owns 4 acres of property that was deeded over from the Farm. Most of the property is small acreage spread throughout Phases 1, 2 and 3. The largest piece of property is 1.9 acres immediately to the left after crossing over the train track bridge at the entrance (just before Beazer homes)

What about the front entrance?

The Five Oaks entrance and sign are owned by The Farm LLC, the original developer of the subdivision.  However, the HOA is taking responsibility for the maintenance of the flowers, landscaping and lighting.

What season decorations are permitted?

Although the Five Oaks Homeowners Covenants prohibit yard art/decorations, the board has agreed to some permissible guidelines for seasonal decorations in consideration of all neighbors wishes. They are as follows:

- Christmas/Hanukkah: Tasteful decorations for the traditional holiday season will be allowed from November to Jan. 15th.
- Halloween: Halloween decorations will be allowed from Oct. 1st to Nov. 3rd.
- No other “holiday” decorations will be allowed.
- Celebratory decorations . (i.e. New baby, graduation, birthday party, etc.)
- will be allowed for one day only.

No other holiday or celebratory decorations will be allowed.

What are examples of common homeowner violations?

- Security signs in the yard
- Trash cans outside of garage or approved enclosure
- Trash cans set on street prior to the night before scheduled pick-up or left beyond the day after pick-up.
- Boats, motor homes, trailers, 4 wheelers in driveways or on the street
- Basketball goals/play sets/recreational equipment unapproved by ARC
- Statues / Sculptures unapproved by ARC
- Landscaping (dead shrubbery or fallen trees left beyond a reasonable timeframe)


Are political signs allowed?

Per the Freedom of Speech Act, an HOA cannot prohibit political signs, but the HOA has adopted guidelines for signs. 

-  Signs can be no larger than 2ft x 2ft in size, or 4 sqft. total (per TN State law)
- Signs may be placed no more than 60 days prior to an election and must be removed no later than one day following the election
- You are allowed one sign per candidate or referendum issue on your personal property
- No signs are allowed on HOA common area

What happens if someone is in violation?

Neighborhood inspections are performed randomly twice per month or as deemed necessary by the board. Any violations that are noticed will result in a courtesy letter to the homeowner to have the violation corrected. A homeowner is given 2 weeks to correct the violation. After 2 weeks, a $25.00 fine is imposed on their property. Each inspection thereafter in which the violation is not corrected will result in a $100.00 fine. Eventually a lien will be placed on the home once a preset dollar amount is exceeded.

If a homeowner has received a courtesy letter in the past for a repeat offense, there is no 2 week grace period. Fines will be imposed automatically.

If you see a violation click this link to access the Contact Us page and inform the Homeowners Association.

Have liens been filed on any properties in Five Oaks?

Yes, we have placed several liens on homes in the neighborhood.

Are the pool and tennis courts for the Five Oaks residents?

Access to the pool and tennis courts is restricted for Five Oaks Country Club members only. The homeowners’ association has no responsibility for these amenities.

What if I want to change the exterior of my home (i.e. add a fence, pool, patio, porch, extensive landscaping, etc.)?

A 5 person Architectural Review Committee is in place to review submitted plans for home construction, landscaping, fences, playsets, basketball goals and other changes that affect the exterior of your home or lot. You can find an ARC request form on the website. This form is required to obtain authorization for such improvements. Plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials and location must be attached to the application. Completed forms can be submitted for recording and consideration to:

Deanne Caracciolo
102 Five Oaks Circle
Lebanon, TN 37087

The ARC has 30 days to review your submitted plans.

What do my HOA dues pay for?

The HOA dues pay for property management, legal fees, neighborhood insurance, lawn maintenance, and community events. Money is also set aside each year for possible capital improvements.