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Five Oaks Homeowners Association
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Neighborhood News
We would like to officially name our
2020  Board Members
Rod Clemmons
Chuck Gerson
Vice President

Rebekah Dozier
Phil Morehead
Terry Burns
The 2020 ARC members are:
Jeff Hall
Deanne Caracciolo
Tim Diffenderfer
Cliff Carey
Mike Moscardelli - Chairperson
Welcome and many thanks!
Five Oaks has created a way to sell items within the neighborhood.  Log on to the Fiveoaks Emporium on Facebook.  You will need to receive authorization before posting to the site.  If you have any questions please e-mail Linda Sloan at llindasloan@yahoo.com.
As most of you know, speeding has been an issue in Five Oaks for a long time, especially on Five Oaks Blvd. This is especially noticeable when walking with our children or even with our pets. And without sidewalks, it can be a challenge. Your HOA is working to do what we can to address these unsafe conditions.
1.  We added 6 additional speed limit signs.
2.  We have purchased a speed radar sign for the neighborhood at a cost of $3915.
3.  We asked the police department to increase patrols and issue tickets to speeders. 
4.  Two speed bumps were installed on Five Oaks Blvd., along with signage pertaining to the bumps. 
5.  We added 4 speed bumps to Ridgecrest Lane in 2017.  
6.  Homeowners may call the Lebanon Police Dept. to report habitual violators of speeding. 
7.  We have submitted a proposal to the City of Lebanon to reduce the speed limit to 25 and add additional speed bumps.  
In July 2008, we sent all lot owners a letter indicating the Five Oaks Homeowners Association intention to enforce the two (2) year time limit for house construction. The legal document governing the Five Oaks Homeowners Association, DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTION FOR FIVE OAKS, states that "construction of the primary residence on a lot shall be completed within two (2) years of the initial purchase of such lot from the Developer." The HOA does still intend to enforce the Covenants with regard to the matter, however, the board has voted on a new interpretation of the clause within the Covenants. The word "Developer" was always understood to mean the original developer of the subdivision, The Farm. However, with the new interpretation, the "Developer" can now mean anyone who bought the lot with the intent of developing it.
Therefore, if a lot owner chooses to sell their lot, a new two (2) year time frame to build will begin for the new lot owner. And each subsequent owner, if any, will have a fresh two year period to begin construction. For current lot owners who do not intend to sell their lots, the July 2010 deadline to begin construction still applies.
The board voted in August 2010 to modify the fine structure for the 2 yr construction violation due to the economic climate in the housing market.  The board has reduced the fine to $50/mo. and has also deferred payment until the lot sells or a home is built.  There is no time frame on the deferment period. The board voted to suspend the fine for the 2012 year and the suspension has continued through 2016.
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