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Welcome to the Five Oaks Homeowners Association, a volunteer group made up entirely of residential property owners like you. Our primary goals are to protect our community from unwanted growth, inappropriate development, traffic problems and other threats that may impact property values.

Through our Community Awareness Committee we provide a unified front at City Hall meetings when items of neighborhood interest are up for discussion or up for a City Council vote.   We also monitor and when necessary become involved with other organizations in Lebanon both public and private that may impact our community and our quality of life. We on the Board remain committed to protecting the interests of the Five Oaks Homeowners Association by representing one point of view; that being the interests of the homeowners in Five Oaks.

We are making progress on the issues that matter to our community. We need your continued commitment, financial support and, for those willing, your time. If you are interested in volunteering please send your request and information to:

Five Oaks Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 1866
Mt. Juliet, TN 37121
Click Here to contact us via email